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Green Design Firm gets certified as a Green Business.

Summary: Gerard Lee Architects, a full service architecture and planning firm, walks the talk by achieving certification status with the Alameda County Green Business Program.
Oakland, CA, United States, 5/9/2008 –

LEED consultant Gerard Lee Architects, a green design firm that frequently provides LEED Administration services recently underwent a battery of evaluations that resulted in the firm earning "Green Business Certification" from the Alameda County Green Business Program.

The program evaluates businesses to verify that their daily ongoing operations is carried out in a manner that is environmentally friendly, energy efficient, reduces pollutants and waste, implements recycling, reuse and other sustainable methods. As architects that regularly promote sustainability and green design, it was felt that the way the firm carried out it's daily task had to be scrutinized by a third party to verify that the firm was doing it's part for the environment and not merely "green washing".

GLA started the application for certification in the summer of 2007 and after completing the evaluation was granted the certificate. This was a firm wide effort that was lead by the founding principal of the firm. In tandem with their sustainable approach to design, the firm brought about the same commitment to the way they ran their daily operations. Some of the methods utilized are listed below:

  • All equipment utilized are energy star rated (including printers and computer work stations).
  • Most Furnishings are made from recycled materials and wherever possible are reused (i.e some drafting tables are reused hollow core doors).
  • All paper based materials (and other recyclable materials) in the office are recycled. Paper use has been reduced with methods developed to reduce waste and trash.
  • Scrap paper is reused and all printers are duplex capable to reduce the amount of paper used.
  • When clients agree, PDF files are utilized for client review and submittals to avoid the use of paper. When hard copies are utilize, half size sets of drawings are printed as much as possible for in house or consultant coordination. Full size sheets are limited to permit submittals.
  • The firm utilizes several different titleblock/ sheet sizes for drawings to ensure that they maximize the information needed to be displayed on drawings. This helps reduce paper waste.
  • They always reuse delivery boxes wherever possible. Unfortunately, it means clients and potential clients receive materials sent by delivery in reused boxes. It's the right thing to do for the environment.
  • The internet is used as much as possible for the transmission of digital media as opposed to printed material.
  • The office moved to a transit oriented neighborhood to reduce the use of cars.
  • Everyone is encouraged to use mass transit (BART or Amtrak), take the ferry, walk or cycle to the office.
  • Transitioning from paper based manufacturer's product binders to online or PDF information where available.
  • CFLs are used throughout the office and daylighting is preferred.

Gerard Lee Architects is a sustainable design firm that champions “green” design through their mission statement, “Better Communities Through Sustainable Design.” The principal of GLA is LEED accredited, familiar with sustainable alternative construction and well versed in the LEED design and certification process. The firm believes that sustainability should be implemented in house as well as in their building designs.

Please check the firm’s web site for more information about Gerard Lee Architects.

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