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Gerard Lee Architects SLEB certified by Alameda County

GLA pursues its commitment to public architecture by receiving Small, Local and Emerging Business Certification from Alameda County.
Oakland, CA, United States, 9/5/2007 –

LEED consultant The Small, Local and Emerging Business Program of Alameda County has recently certified Gerard Lee Architects. GLA applied for the certification as part of its on going commitment to provide sustainable architecture design services to local governments. GLA is also certified with the Federal Central Contractor Registration program, State of California DGS and Contra Costa County.

GLA is a LEED accredited architecture firm with a strong commitment to sustainability and public projects. Recent public clients include the Contra Costa Community College District and Diablo Valley College, both of which are happy repeat clients. As a small firm, they are known for their creativity, innovative designs and collaborative work ethic. These traits have served both public and private clients well over the years.

By being both a sustainable design firm and a certified small, local business, GLA provides an avenue for local governments to obtain high quality and personalized services and meet their requirements for engaging small and local businesses. At the same time, their LEED accreditation/ expertise and knowledge of the public process allows them to help other firms fulfill their public contract SLEB requirements by bringing GLA on board as team players/ consultants. This flexibility allows GLA to be committed and interested parties on any public or community project.

Gerard Lee Architects is a sustainable design firm that champions “green” design through their mission statement, “Better Communities Through Sustainable Design.” A mandate that requires the desire and motivation to promote sustainability on projects because of the effect buildings have on the global climate. By participating within the public architecture process, it highlights their commitment to being involved and staying involved within all communities.

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