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Gerard Lee Architects to Promote Sustainable Design in Asia

Recent campaign by Gerard Lee Architects to educate and promote environmentally friendly design in Asia and South East Asia.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 12/30/2005 –

Why select us Gerard Lee, AIA principal of Gerard Lee Architects, an architectural firm specializing in sustainable and environmentally friendly design, recently met with developers, representatives, and consultants in the AEC industry in Shanghai, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Over the course of two weeks in December 2005, ideas and concepts tailored specifically to the Asian market were presented in an informal, transparent and informative process to help educate developers and AE professionals about the benefits of sustainable or “green” design. “Sustainable design is not just the prerogative of developed nations. Sustainable design is achievable in Asia and requires nothing more than the realization that building “green” can be a marketable and profitable strategy of any commercial enterprise. It is the cutting edge of building technology in Asia and those at the forefront will benefit the most.” a quote from Gerard Lee, seemed to resonate with many of those who heard his ideas. With the rising costs of energy and the realization that resources like potable water are limited, many countries in Asia are now looking to firms like Gerard Lee Architects to find alternative ways of building and creating sustainable communities for the future. Educating both the public and private sectors as well as individuals throughout Asia about the benefits of sustainable and environmentally friendly design is an ongoing mission for Gerard Lee Architects. Based in Concord, CA, they have strong regional ties in Asia, specifically within the countries of ASEAN.

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