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Fire Station Architects in Design Competition

Gerard Lee Architects was recently selected to participate in invited competition for a new fire station by the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District.
Concord, CA, United States, 06/15/2006

Fire Station Architects The SRVPD is in the process of reviewing the qualifications of architecture firms capable of designing their new fire station facility. Their search resulted in a call to Gerard Lee Architects in late May, 2006 to participate in a limited competition. The competition is being held to a field of three architecture firms and presently is in fact finding mode. No deadlines have been set as yet. The site of the fire station will not be released though the participating firms have visited the site. The preliminary building program calls for a 3 bay, single company fire station in a residential community.

Gerard Lee, AIA (founding principal) was qouted, as saying " We are honored that our efforts and hard work designing functional and sustainable fire stations was recognized by the very people in the field who utilized these buildings. Being invited to participate is not the same as being selected to design the station, but it helps motivate us to try harder and re-emphasizes our commitment to public agencies to design sustainable, functional and aesthetically pleasing civic buildings for all communities."

About Gerard Lee Architects.
Gerard Lee Architects is a sustainable architecture design firm specializing in residential, community, educational and recreation projects. Their mission statement is, "Better Communities through Sustainable Design." The principal of the firm has extensive Essential Services Facilities and Dvision of State Architect (DSA) experience. The firm's resumes and portfolios are maintained online.

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