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Principal of Green Design Firm nominated as Chair of AIA East Bay YAF

Principal of Gerard Lee Architects named as Chair of the AIA East Bay Young Architects Forum 2007.
Oakland, CA, United States, 4/12/2007 –

AIA EB YAF Gerard Lee, AIA LEED AP was recently appointed as chair person for the Young Architects Forum (YAF) of the American Institute of Architects East Bay Chapter. The YAF represents the voice of young architects throughout the San Francisco East Bay Area. It many ways it is their advocate and lobbies for issues that affect them. Young Architects refer to architects who have been licensed ten years or less (it has little to do with their age or experience levels). They come from all walks of life and from vastly different age groups. The experiences they have varies and so do their needs. The YAF attempts to represent this complex group of emerging leaders within this profession by providing an avenue through which they can connect, network, grow and collaborate.

As chairperson of the YAF for 2007, Gerard feels honored and humbled with the responsibilities before him. He is motivated to champion the needs of Young Architects and compelled to organize events that help in their professional growth.

When asked to comment about his new responsibilities as the chair for the AIA EB YAF, he responded by saying, “I often hear comments by many young architects that the AIA is an old boys club and does not represent their needs or interest. Norman Sanchez, AIA and I, with the help of AIA EB’s Director, Sidney, put together the YAF to represent all architects, irrespective of licensing or years in practice. The YAF is a professional forum and we want to hear about their problems and career needs. We gather every month with topics that cover all aspects of our profession, particularly as they affect YAFs. Many of our members who participate are sole proprietors with many questions and concerns with backgrounds spanning different types of firms, sizes and building types. We realized that unless you were lucky to have a mentor, there were limited avenues for these architects to seek advice or help. In many ways, the YAF we have formed serves as a support group that is self sustaining. As it grows the depth of experience, knowledge and skill sets grows with it, thereby allowing us to help even more members and indirectly the communities we serve. As young architects, we are seen as the emerging face of this profession which is attempting to solve the immediate problems facing our environment through global warming. This new global community has only increased our sense of duty to our communities in which we live, work and design. Through the YAF, we can as a group advance our profession through education and deliver buildings that are more humane, sustainable and timeless.”

Gerard Lee Architects is a sustainable design firm that champions “green” design through their mission statement, “Better Communities Through Sustainable Design.” A mandate that requires the desire and motivation to promote sustainability on all projects because of the effect buildings have on our global climate. By participating within the YAF, it highlights our commitment to being involved and staying involved within our communities.

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