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e-Card Campaign Reinforces Business Sustainability Goals.

Gerard Lee Architects moves towards increased sustainable business practices by issuing digital or e-cards for the holidays and reducing paper waste.
Oakland, CA, United States, 12/22/2006 –

GLA e-card campaign Gerard Lee Architects bucks the trend of sending traditional greeting cards during the holiday season. Instead the firm developed and promoted the use of their own e-card/ digital greeting card for distribution among their valued clients, longstanding consultants and business partners.

“We understand that many of our clients and consultants still prefer traditional greeting cards but this is in keeping with our efforts to increase sustainability within our own business practices. While we strive to design sustainable buildings which are consistent with our mission statement, “Better Communities Through Sustainable Design”, we feel that it is just as important to instill sustainable practices within how we operate and run our business.”, states the founding principal of Gerard Lee Architects.

By sending out e-cards, GLA helps contribute to the environment by reducing harvesting of trees for paper, reduction in energy usage and pollution generated by the effort to mill, produce, ship and mail each paper base greeting card. These cards, envelopes and postage stamps eventually find their way to landfills if they are not recycled.

This effort seems to be well received by GLA’s client base from the positive feedback garnered as a result of their e-card campaign. Many of their clients appreciate these efforts towards creating a more environmentally responsible way of doing business. Other efforts have included re-visiting how the firm uses paper in creating architectural construction drawings. On some projects they have moved towards utilizing digital formats like Adobe’s PDF in an effort to reduce the consumption of paper. Architectural drawings generally are large with a set of drawings containing hundreds of pages measuring anywhere from 24x36 to 30x42 inches per sheet. This includes utilizing non traditional architecture sheets sizes like 22x34 inches to enable the generation of scalable half size drawings on regular tabloid paper for coordination. While good for the environment such methods are fiscally responsible and are just plain good business sense.

GLA recent e-card campaign this holiday is a small step towards best practices in sustainability.

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