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Our Design Process:

Design Process

Within these pages, we will outline GLA's personal approach to the architectural design process. It summarizes how we work with you, the client, from the start of a project, through the different design phases, until the building completion and our own post occupancy evaluation.
Gerard Lee Architects is a full service architecture firm. We provide planning, design services and construction administration on various projects. We are able to accomodate public agencies, private developers or private citizens on their projects. As such the design process is summarized using laymen terms to show how we can and will adapt to various project delivery processes.
Some of the design phases presented here may not be relevant for a client's project type and we will walk all our clients through each design phase to help educate them about the design and building process. We believe that by educating the client about the design process and how our services benefit any project, it results in a better project, a successful client-architect relationship and happy end users.

You can find a brief and general glossary of the design phases within our FAQs.

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