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5| Construction Documents:

Design Process

The start of Construction Documents or drawings indicates the end of the design process. The design of the building should be finalized and we proceed with the intricate tasks of documenting the entire building and the site. The drawings that were generated during the prior phases are now evolved from pretty drawings to rigorous technical drawings.
It is during this phase that we quantify and defined the quality of the installed work. Specifications are developed from an outline format to a 3 part masterspec format. More wall sections are developed that defined different building assemblies and from these, details are generated in greater detail. You could consider this somewhat akin to buttoning up the building.

All disciplines within the design team, from structural, landscape, civil, mechanical, electrical and plumbing will be tightly intergrating and coordinating their drawings with the architectural set. CAD or BIM is utilized to ensure that coordination is carried out at all levels. There will be construction drawing submittals required for the design team at 50% and close to 80/90% for in house coordination meetings for all disciplines.

At approximately 80%-90% completion, a permit set will be generated for review by relevant building officials. These include multiple copies of the drawings, structural calculations, title 24 requirements, specifications and permit review fees.
Note that these drawings are not for construction and only for permitting. On residential projects, the submittals will not be as comprehensive and will depend on the size and scope of the project. Fees can vary and are normally based on a percentage of estimated construction costs. The review period can take anywhere from 4 weeks or more (usually way more) and is entirely dependent on each building departments schedule. We have no control over this process. Once the drawings have been reviewed, either they will be approved or request for revisions will be made. At this point, we will push to finalized CDs (construction documents as they are refered to within the field), pick up any building official comments and resubmit. This process maybe repeated again but most likely, the drawing set will be approved and the building permit will be made available to the owner or contractor. On an education or project under the DSA, the permitted drawings are returned to the architect.

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