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2| Conceptual Design:

Design Process

It is during this phase that we take the lessons learned from pre-design to initiate a project vision/ strategy. This is where we take the program, explore synergies, user needs and other elements described in the pre-design phase, to synthesize what will eventually drive the final design.

For public/ community projects, part of this process may involved extensive public and community input. For us it is imperative that a community believes in a project by taking an active part within the design process. With that in mind, we utilize "The Charette", which is GLAís version of a client/ community workshop. It is initiated as an open and collaborative forum where the projectís program, assumptions, goals and requirements are reviewed. It enables us to interact, propose ideas, share, discuss and envision, in a dynamic process. For the client it is an empowering process that enables them to take ownership of the project.

Conceptual sketches, rough physical models and or 3 dimensional digital models maybe employed to communicate the ideas and forms that the architecture may bring about.

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