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7| Construction Administration:

Design Process

On most public or commercial projects, construction administration is part and parcel of the entire design process. Many of these clients have had experience building multiple facilities and understand why construction administration services are necessary. However on most residential projects, many clients tend to opt out because they believe they are saving money.
Construction administration is a process where we act as the clients agent to ensure the design both client and architect worked on, is installed accordingly. The architect, throughout the construction of the building will observe construction progress, notes when it does not conform to the design drawings and reviews the Contractor's request for payments (to ensure that what they are billing you for has indeed been installed and to verify that they are on schedule).

Architects are there to clarify the design documents, issue architect supplementary information, review change proposals, substitution requests and review material samples. Most individual clients probably have very little experience with this process and without the guidance of their architect during the build, have no way to verify if anything is being built according to the design documents.
What would be the point of the whole design process if nothing gets built according to the plans?

Depending on the scope of the project, we will schedule site meetings accordingly. We represent the client throughout the construction phase and have the same desire as the client to ensure that the design is properly adhered to. At the very end, we will perform the "punch list" to ensure that substantial completion has been performed before verifying the final payment.

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