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Here at Gerard Lee Architects, Inc., we believe that educating our clients results in a better project experience for everyone involved. While a developer, public or institutional organization is experienced with the design/construction process, for many residential clients, it's uncharted territory.

With that said, we have attempted to create a guide that to cast some light on this process which at times is more cumbersome than it needs to be. In no way should anyone infer from this that this is a comprehensive guide that covers all aspects of having a project designed and built. Every project and client is different and should be addressed accordingly.

First thing to consider is why you have decided to do it at all. A home is a big investment and in some cases, buying another home may not be in the cards. If the school district and the neighborhood are great, you may not want to move. If the existing house has great bones but missing elements you would like to see, then remodeling maybe your answer. Sometimes it helps to create a list of reason to stay or move.

Lists your reasons and know why you are doing it. Having a clear idea of what you want will help the project move forward.

Starting the project
Once you know why you want to embark on this project, you probably have tons of questions as to how to get to the finish product. You may choose to work with an architect, designer or contractor to fulfill your dreams. Here are a few suggestions for your start up list.

For us at Gerard Lee Architects, we feel that developing long term relationships is more important that any short term profit that maybe gained by taking on projects where the client does not have a firm grasp of all the facts. Even if it means losing a client or project because they may not like what they hear, we think it's better to have all our cards on the table, be honest and provide a reality check whenever a situation calls for it. A well educated client tends to be a happy client and usually a repeat client.

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