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Why Select Us As your Architect:

Design Process

While many of our clients are well verse in the building design process, many more are not. Use these pages along with our FAQs as a way to better understand the process of getting your building, remodel or tenament improvement project completed.
We believe that by better educating our clients, it increases the success rates of our projects and builds a level of trusts. These next few pages is purely about reasons why you should consider us as your architect on your next project. Read through these pages and if you feel intriqued by us, peruse our portfolio of projects.
There are many firms out there so why choose us?
Well for starters there all these pretty pictures of buildings or projects that we have designed or worked on. They represent just a small part of the experience that we as a firm hold. Many people look through these images in our portfolio and make snap judgements about who we are or what we do.
There are a diverse range of projects here. From small to big. Yes, many of the projects are large but there are quite a few small projects too. What does that tell you? Well for starters it means we have the ability to work on any type of project, we have the experience and ability to bring your project to fruition. Flexibility. We listen well and try to meet your objectives.
It is part and parcel of our total intergrated building design built on a process centered around collaboration and communication. We are a sustainable design firm but we have the ability and the technical knowledge to complete a project all the way through.

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