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Why select us

On smaller or residential projects, there is a tendency for clients to avoid using the services of an architect. Do note that many cities are now requiring the stamp of an engineer or architect on drawings to obtain a building permit. There are many reasons for this but part of it is to ensure public health, safety and welfare by ensuring that a design conforms to the latest building codes.

Beyond this, we continually strive to ensure that it isn't all about a set of drawings showing rooms and window placements. It's about looking at each project individually and trying to get the most out of it. Finding value where there wasn't any before. Looking for opportunities within the program or design and maximizing it.
What maybe a cold forlorn existing courtyard in a adaptive reuse project, could be transformed into a vibrant outdoor eating and gathering area. In turn this results in it becoming a popular wedding venue and generates more revenue for the building owner.

Building Comfort and Energy Efficiency:

Our commitment to sustainability includes achieving human comfort and energy efficiency. Seems reasonable to expect a comfortable building. Yet many buildings look great but only do so on the surface. We hope that our approach to meeting baseline human comfort as described within our FAQs on sustainability goes beyond surface beauty.
We support efforts towards documenting and quantifying how well a building performs. In that respect, using the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification process is a step in the right direction. We support comprehensive processes or systems that look at all factors of a building's performance. Not just design awards for skin deep beauty or if a project met certain criteria. Following up with post occupancy surveys combined with criteria for design and performance would be a bettter way of indicating the overall performance of a building's design. Using LEEDs "measurement and verification" credit is one effective method of measuring success in a building's energy performance.
We want to be your architect that listens to your needs, works with the environment & climate to design a building that is aesthetically pleasing, meets your program functionally, energy efficient and comfortable. What good is an award winning design if you are freezing in it?

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