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2520 Stanwell Office Building TI

There are many tired and old commercial office buildings in existence and represent a large percentage of the building stock. As opposed to tearing them down and rebuilding, it is better to appraoch them from a building re-use stand point. Reduce, reuse and recycle. This environmental mantra should be kep in mind when considering existing buildings.
2520 is a prime example of taking an existing commercial building and rehabilitating it. Additional upgrades to the interiors and building system will help aid in building energy efficiency and building comfort. The existing building is made up of two separate buildings with a covered breezeway connecting the two together. The larger structure is a two storey wood frame building with an existing mansard roof. It has a non descript public entrance on the east side of the building.
We came up with a number of design concepts that would update the look of the building and help define the building's entry. Where possible building assemblies or materials are being re-used. Recycling has been encouraged to help divert waste from landfills. Sometimes thinking outside the box can be as simple as deciding to reuse a building.

2520 Stanwell at approximately 35,000sf is an example of how existing building stock can be rehabilitated for the future.

This project is currently under construction.

This is a Gerard Lee Architects project.

Gerard Lee, AIA was Design Principal at Gerard Lee Architects for this project. He was responsible for the design, plan layouts, material selection, elevation studies and supervised renderings for this project.

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