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Convenience Store Refrigerator Wall
View of Convenience Store
View of Coffee Bar Counter

Diablo Valley College Bookstore Cafe

DVC's cafe was designed from the start to be an integral part of the new boostore. It would provide an avenue for the bookstore to provide products like branded coffee, soft drinks, pastries and various food products that the students had been requesting.
This convenience store with coffee house would allow students to quickly obtain what they needed between classes. In support of this role was the ability for the cafe to provide drinks to students with a walk up window. Students, faculty and college staff who were in a hurry but needed their coffee needs fulfilled, could do so without having to enter the bookstore.
There are various spaces within the bookstore that have been designed as seating areas. These provide a safe and quiet area for students to study and enjoy the drinks they have purchased at the coffee counter.

This is a BSA Architects project.

Gerard Lee, AIA was the Project Architect at BSA Architects on this project.

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