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Legacy Lodge
Legacy Lodge
Legacy Lodge

Legacy Lodge Skier Services, Park City, UT

Skier Services Building- Located at the base of Park City Mountain Resort, the 54,000 sf lodge consists of retail, restrooms, and both indoor and outdoor food court, and double tier dining rooms.
The food service components include a coffee cafe, terrace seating, and mountain BBQ kiosk. The design of the building took into consideration snow country climate conditions. Combined with the mining history of Park City, the design drew inspiration from the city's past, creating a timeless design that is contemporary and yet appears to be part of the cultural fabric of the city. Materials utilized on this project are: rough sawn heavy timber column and truss work (aged in Washington state for a “100 year old” patina) with native stone and corrugated metal.
This is a BSA Architects project.

Gerard Lee, AIA was the job captain at BSA Architects for this project. His responsibilities included the plan layout, exterior facade design, interior and exterior detailing and production of the construction documents for this project, from the conceptual phase through the start of construction.

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