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We have provided a lot of information within our guide to aid you in your journey towards remodeling or designing a new custom home. While most of the information is bone dry, we hope it has at least provided you with a way to plan your journey and given you something to think about.

You can save a lot of money doing some legwork on your own, or pay your design professional to do so for you. When it comes to procuring the building permit itself, many clients understand that term and may have had one for a new gas line/ windows etc. Again depending on the local jurisdiction, either the homeowner/client or contractor can obtain the construction permit.

The same applies to dealing with the local historical heritage board, design review board, planning department, etc.

Some choose to do so on their own and there are many that don't. Let your architect know ahead of time if that is your intention, since these usually require a plan check of a comprehensive set of architectural, structural drawings and calculations. A permit is usually required before construction can start. Again it depends on the situation and the local jurisdiction. Prepare yourself as much as possible or let your design professional walk you through the process. It all depends on what you want or prefer to do.

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Above all else, while it can be a stressful process, try to have fun and hopefully at the end of it all, you'll have the house you always dreamed off.

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