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SRVFPD Firestation-plan

San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District Firestation

This new firestation design is for a site at Lusitano and Camino Tassajara in the San Ramon Valley. These designs were generated as part of a invited competition between GLA and two much larger firms.
The station is a three bay 9,650sf single company fire station with a EMS team, it incorporates many sustainable design features. The building has offices, a training room, exercise room, day room, kitchen, dining and gender sensitive sleep rooms/dorms and bathrooms for fire personnel. It represents a prototype sustainable/ "green" fire station.
There are staff parking, disabled parking, an exterior refueling station, apparatus wash bay and trash enclosure on the site. Since this station is located off a busy road, spaces were planned so that dormitories were located away from noise generating functions and yet are able to enjoy natural daylighting and winter solar gain. There are many passive solar and energy methods incoporated throughout to allow for heating and cooling. This is a high energy efficient design that attempts to minimize energy usage while keeping a high level of comfort.
The design, while contemporary and modern, uses its form effectively to work well with the natural climate and environment.
Other sustainable design features include: rain water harvesting for apparatus washing and some irrigation, pervious paving at parking stalls, the ability for renewable energy within the design form, potential for extensive "green" roofs, natural storm water management, and strategies to achieve LEED certification.
While this design has been developed for a milder climate, we have the ability to develop sustainable prototypes for most climates, including snow country because of our extensive snow country experience. To view images of other prototypes, check out our "On the Drawing Boards" page. Click here.

This is a Gerard Lee Architects project.

Gerard Lee, AIA was the Design Principal at Gerard Lee Architects for this project. He was responsible for the design, plan layouts, material selection, elevation studies and supervised renderings for this project.
Experience with Essential Services Facilities, particularly firestations is a specialized skill that Gerard Lee Architects enjoys and continues to build & improve upon.

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