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Todos Santos Plaza Parking Garage-Main entry tower
Todos Santos Plaza Parking Garage-Pedestrian paseo
Todos Santos Plaza Parking Garage-Main Garage entry

Todos Santos Parking Garage, Concord, CA

- 3 levels- 423 parking stalls.
Much care was put into the design of the elevations of this building to match the context of the existing architectural vocabulary of Downtown Concord. Gerard requested to be on this project because he is a Concord resident and felt that a parking garage downtown need not necessarily look like a garage.
The building is Mediteranean in style and relates to the existing 1911 Foskett & Ellworthy building. The facade of the building has well proportioned columns that give it an appearance of a series of storefronts fronting a downtown and less of a typical parking garage. The building is pedestrian friendly, emphasized by the Paseo, a pedestrian walkway that links the garage to Todos Santos Plaza. Two corners of the garage are anchored by circular towers. The main tower is roofed in terra cotta tiles and has a grand stair that wraps around it and enhances the fountain courtyard in front of the F&E building.
It is bright, airy and has great views from the stair towers. In many ways this building has help contribute to the revitalization of Downtown Concord. Most garages tend to go up as nothing more than precast concrete boxes and are perceived as a necessary evil. This normally results in structures that turn their backs on the communities they sit in. However we believe that with enough thought and foresight, any structure can be designed so as to be a contributing factor in any community. This includes buildings like parking garages. The success of the garage design is evident in that it has won two significant parking garage design awards as listed below.


  • International Parking Institute 2003 - Honorable mention

  • California Construction Link- Best Of California 2002

Gerard Lee, AIA was the job captain and the lead designer at the Associate level at BSA Architects for this project. His responsibilities included extensive elevation studies and renderings of the garage elevations, design and detailing of the ornate cornices and circular stair towers.
This project is an example of how a simple public structure can transform a city's downtown into a vibrant civic and commercial hub.

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