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Dublin Firestation # 17-Entrance view

Dublin Firestation No. 17, Dublin, CA

Located in Emerald Glen, Dublin, Dublin Firestation # 17 is a three bay 12,800sf double company fire station with a paramedic team, a fire tender and battalion chief. The station uses the latest firestation prototypes for the Alameda County Fire Protection District and sits on a site that is 218í wide and 200í deep, with 15 parking spaces and two disabled spaces.. The building incorporates 36 different environmentally friendly features from recycled materials to energy efficient appliances, has offices and sleep rooms for two captains, two paramedic teams and an additional 4 sleep rooms. There are an exterior refueling station, apparatus wash bay and trash enclosure on the site.
The stationís design is meant to recall civic buildings of the 1920s is similar to itís sister station #18 but has proportions adapted to a three bay station.
This is a BSA Architects project.

Gerard Lee, AIA was the job captain and one of the lead designers at the Associate level at BSA Architects for this project. He was responsible for the design, plan layouts, detailing and production of the construction documents for this project.
Experience with Essential Services Facilities is a specialized skill that Gerard Lee Architects has developed and fine tuned.

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