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Dublin Firestation # 18-Entrance view

Dublin Firestation # 18, Dublin, CA

Located in Dublin Ranch, Dublin, CA, Fire station # 18 is a two bay 8,600sf firestation with a paramedic team and a fire tender. The station is located within a high end residential development and was required to blend in with the neighborhood and maintain a high level of aesthetiques. The station design is meant to recall civic buildings of the 1920s with proportions that help keep the high apparatus bay balanced with the rest of the building. The apparatus bay was built with concrete masonry units with a cement plaster finish to provide durability. The rest of the building uses metal stud construction. The clerestorey windows have a special frosted film laminated within the glass to let light into the bay but minimize glare. The towers both help define the entry of the building and contain essential communications equipment housed on the upper level. The building incorporates 36 different environmentally friendly features from recycled materials to energy efficient appliances.
It sits on a site that is only 165 wide and 210 deep, enabling the apparatus to easily drive through the site and return to the apparatus bay. There are exterior refueling station and wash bays on the site. Station 17 & 18 are designed based on the latest fire station prototype plans for the Alameda County Fire Protection District. The building is remarkably self contained and efficient, with communications and mechanical equipment located within the tower and roof elements.
This is a BSA Architects project.

Gerard Lee, AIA was the job captain and one of the lead designers at the Associate level at BSA Architects for this project. He was responsible for the detailing and production of the construction documents for this project. It takes specialize skill and experience to design essential service facilities like firestations, police stations and EOCs within the state of California. These are all building types that he is familiar with and has worked on.

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