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Dugan Residence remodel
Dugan Residence remodel

Dugan Residence remodel, Oakland,CA

A small scale project with a limited budget, that required remodeling the lower level of an existing split level house. The existing space is dark, small and unuseable. There was an existing full bath but it too was dark dank and scared the children. There were signs of ground water penetrating the slab, a good indication that the slab was failing. The remodel calls for a relocated user friendly bathroom that fits within the small space and creates a more useable space for the family. Since the existing ceiling heights did not meet code, relocating the bathroom and lowering the slab were part of the process. A set of French doors on the north wall will help bring in natural daylight light and open the space out to the backyard. This in turn helps bring the outdoors in, setting the stage for an outdoor entertainment area. The space was designed to accomodate built in casework/storage because of the thicker walls resulting from the new code complying footings. Ceilings were refinished and an existing beam was hidden within the celing. Note the new recessed ceiling lights.
The new bathroom utilizes an odd niche but manages to create a useable, airy, daylit and contemporary bathroom. Design review was completed successfully in conjunction with the building permit. As with all remodeling projects, there are many unknowns when you start demolition. We helped the clients negotiate this difficult process. Many clients tend to not have a budget or one that is unrealistic. It's our job as the architect to help them understand the process of remodeling. In a way it's like rebuilding a car engine. You can see what's there but only when the engine is taken apart is everything revealed and the full extents of the project are known. If we do our job right, we can anticipate many of these and addressed them or bring them to the clients attention ahead of time. These way any surprises are manageable.

The slides in the far left window show before and after images. Project progress: Construction images and updates.
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Client was pleased when the contractor that succesfully bid the project informed them that the documentation for the project was clear and above expectation.

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