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The "Farmhouse"- Orinda, CA (LEED registered)

Designed to be built over several phases, this sustainable project (LEED registered) is for a client that practises organic farming. This project is intended to be "LEED" certified or higher and will utilise green technology such as straw bale walls, Icynene spray in insulation, local and indigenous materials within 500 miles, natural day lighting and ventilation, optimum site orientation, recycled materials and utilization of a brownfield site (a former construction waste dumping ground). No additional irrigation will be used for the landscaping and much of the native flora will be retained and preserved. No CFCs will be present within the building materials, and the exterior skin will be shotcrete with a troweled old world plaster finish.
The use of concrete enables us to utilize flyash and increases the recycled content within the building. Where possible rain water and run off will be retained on site for the building's use, thereby reducing the need for potable water.
There are double height public spaces with clerestorey awning windows. The double height spaces and operable windows allows us to utilize the winds that blow through the site and the "stacked effect" for ventilation during the summers. The foundation mat is 12" thick and wherever possible will be utilized for heat tempering. In the winter, the heat gain from properly placed windows will allow the insulated slabs to release the heat entrapped during the evenings and nights.

The clay tile roofs have been specially selected to be energy star rated with a low albedo that minimizes solar heat gain. Project has a California Spanish mission vernacular staying within the context of the surrounding community, hugs the terrain, and will be built as a custom single family residence.
This building intends to give back to the environment while enhancing the surrounding community. Our believe is that wherever possible, buildings should contribute in a positive way to the environment. It takes commitment, creativity and innovation to achieve these while meeting the program and staying on budget.
First phase is approximately 8,300sf with a 890sf garage. The intention was to convert it to a Dude ranch facility where temporary residential spaces would be converted back to grand ball rooms etc. Project is in Construction Document phase.
This is a © Gerard Lee Architects project.

Gerard Lee, AIA is the principal in charge and lead designer on this project. He plays a strong role in the day to day tasks on all GLA projects. GLA believes that a principal should have a hands on commitment to any project we take on. This provides clients with a level of comfort because their needs and questions are being taken care off at the highest levels.

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