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Collaboration center instructions:

The collaboration center utilizes phpcollab v2.4.
All you have to do is click on the link to the log-in page. You will see an image like the one to the left. Enter your user ID and password, as provided to you by our site administrator. Only clients and consultants on active projects are assigned user IDs and passwords.
Forgot your user id and password?
Contact the system administrator.
If you manage to login successfully, you will be automatically directed to the projects page. Here you will find all the projects which you are active on.

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Finding Your Project:

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You will not be able to access projects which you are not listed as a team member.
Please enter the CAD Standards site first and read the digital file disclaimer. If you agree with the disclaimer, download our CAD standards, coordination manual & plotstyles. Downloading any CAD file implies you have read and agreed with our disclaimer. Then proceed to the relevant active project's web site.

The Project Site:

Your project site will display relevant information regarding your project. The collaboration center contains a lot of information that can be utilized as part of your coordination effort. You can post notes to the rest of the team, create discussion points, check the calendar, upload files and download files.
You can verify your contact information and e-mail other team members directly from the project team category.
The power of online collaboration is provided to our consultants to help improve efficiency. Technically, any team member should be able to access our collaboration center from anywhere in the world, as long as they have a stable internet connection. We have used the collaboration web site successfully in remote areas of Asia.

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Using The Project Site:

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Each project web site will have a Phases category unique to the project. It is how we will track the progress of each phase to determine if we are on schedule. To check the status of a phase, just click the little box and then the "info" symbol above it.

The same applies to discussion topics you may want to post. Just click on the plus symbol and create your topic.


Within the team category, you will be able to click on a team member and the info button to obtain their contact information. Or just click on their hyperlink and you should be able to send them an e-mail directly.

Link Content:

This category is probably where you will spend the most time. This is where you upload or download your files. Looking at the tool symbols left to right above the Link Content category, you will see an Add, Delete, Add to site, delete from site, info and edit.
The tools are fairly simple to use. For the most part you need only know how to upload the file. Please send an e-mail to the corresponding project manager at Gerard Lee Architects, whenever you update your files.

php upload file

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"Add" or Uploading Files.:

To upload a file, just click on the big plus symbol and you will be directed to the add file page similar to the image on the left. Depending on whether a file needs approvals or not, you can choose the correct heading. Then browse to your file and select it. You can add comments and when you are ready, just click on the "save" button. Depending on how fast your internet connection is, your file will be uploaded to the project web site. You can then review or edit it if you wish, and finally by clicking on the smaller plus symbol publish the file to the project site. This enables all members of a team and the project clients to view and download the files. If certain files are technical in nature or uses a specific program, there probably is no need to publish the file. A file that is uploaded but not published can be seen and downloaded by team members only.

Downloading Files.:

To download a file, just click on the file and you will be redirected to a page similar to the one on the left. It just says document and gives you the files details. Just click on the "save" hyperlink and browse to the folder you want and download the file.
To delete a file, just click on the large delete symbol or the smaller one to only remove it from the published project web site. To add a revision or update, just click on the little box and then the "edit button. Should you need further instructions, please contact the system administrator. Thank you for using Gerard Lee Architects Collaboration center.

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