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Cafe 3D Plan
View of Coffee Bar Counter
View of Coffee Bar Counter

4 Corners Internet Cafe

A non typical tenement improvement (TI) project that relies on design and sustainability to stand out in the crowd. Approximately 1,225sf of a former medical office would be transformed into an Internet Cafe catering to the needs of a community sorely lacking in computer technology. A number of these community members have no access to computers or the internet and this remodeled internet cafe would provide the means for them to bridge the technological divide. In addition it would provide many within the community the ability to communicate and see (through video conferencing) relatives or friends located in far flung regions or countries.
The design is intended to be contemporary but visually welcoming and comforting. Warm colors, textures and materials will be utilized within the cafe. Many of these are intended to be reused or recycled materials wherever possible. New materials include counters from paperstone (a FSC certified paper & resin based solid surface), MDF/ chipboard using no formaldehydes, polished & stained concrete floors, no VOC paints and sealers, and recyclable cold rolled steel framing members.
The cyber cafe consists of an area for computer use and a coffee bar/ cafe lounge area. It is bright and airy to provide a sense of security and comfort to the individuals who patronise the facility.

This project is currently in Schematic Design Phase.

This is a Gerard Lee Architects project.

Gerard Lee, AIA was Design Principal at Gerard Lee Architects for this project. He was responsible for the design, plan layouts, material selection, elevation studies and supervised renderings for this project.
Cafe and food service designs in today's market requires a keen eye for design and attention to detail. Having the right design that attracts patrons to your cafe or restaurant is important in an industry where people's tastes can change and the latest hot spot becomes yesterday's news in a heartbeat.

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