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Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park Visitors Center-plan
Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park Visitors Center-rendering south view

Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park Visitors Center, Northeast, CA

The new visitors center located in the southwest of the park will be approximately 10,000sf with a separate 4,000sf park ranger operations building. The main facility will incorporate an interactive exhibit area depicting the volcano, a gift shop, information and reception area, concessions with a dining area that can accomodate 50 diners. The region is reknown for it's 40' deep snow drifts in the winter. Also known as the Kohm Yah-Mah-nee Visitors center, it is presently under construction.
This is a BSA Architects project.

Gerard Lee, AIA was the co-project manager at the Associate level at BSA Architects during the design development phase only. The project design was inherited from another firm but BSA was instructed to retain the design and make it snow country appropriate. Gerard Lee's responsibilities included ensuring the constructability of the curved plan layout (including the curved pitched roof), studying and refining the exterior elevations and using his snow country and technical experience to design the building's assemblies through wall sections.

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