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Sustainability/ Green Building Analysis:

LEED Admin

We provide Green Building evaluation services for both existing and projects "on the boards". Over the years we have developed specialties in designing green buildings and acting as LEED administrator consultants. We developed our business model as and are certified as a Bay Area Green Business. Our Green Building Analysis is approached from an architectural viewpoint. By studying the existing building, drawings, site and other known or other visually observable elements of your building or design, we will generate a report that will evaluate the existing building and generate strategies we believe will be beneficial for the building and inhabitants from a sustainable/ green perspective. Think of it as a road map to "greening" the building.

With the implementation of the new California Green Building Standards code in 2010, it makes sense for facility managers and owners to understand the implications of the new code in respect to their buildings. In many cases by complying with the new Green code, it would be equivalent to achieving a LEED silver rating. Other than the additional administrative costs of completing the LEED certification process, there would be no added hard construction costs. This would have already been absorbed by complying with the code!
Should you seek LEED certification and our services as LEED administrators, we would utilize that synergy with our green expertise to find complementary requirements between LEED and the new Green code for maximum effect.
The scope of green building services includes:

Project Review with client group
Site and Building evaluations
Work Sessions
Development of Green/ Sustainable strategies or options
Identify Alternative options
Final Sustainable/ green plan completion

Whole Building Evaluations:
Over the years we have developed relationships with professional consultants in related fields. Should you require a comprehensive evaluation of your building, we can provide the additional services of the engineers below:

Energy Modeler
Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineers
Landscape (irrigation) Architects
Civil Engineers for site improvements
Building systems commissioning
Structural Engineers
LEED administration consulting

LEED Administration Services/ Consulting:

To learn more about our LEED Administration Services, click here.
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