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Dugan Residence remodel construction photos
Dugan Residence remodel construction photos
Dugan Residence remodel construction photos

Dugan Residence remodel, progress photos: (Oct. 27 & Nov. 9, 20005)

Images: top row -from left to right:

East wall with new footings. The remaining footings have been trenched and will be formed up soon.
The top middle image: Trenching being carried out on the new perimeter drainage system under the slab. The existing water table under the house is high, so a new under slab drainage system that works with a perimeter layout of perforated pipe, gravel and filter fabric, with additional perforated pipes under the slab will drain water beneath the slab and reduce hydrostatic pressure. The excess water will be drained to a sump pump and removed.
Top right image: Shows hoses with a portable under water sump pump being used to remove water that has accumulated in the footing trenches. The water has to be removed prior to placing the concrete for new footings.

Images: bottom row -from left to right:

An example of why it's important to have an architect's construction administration services. While everything may look in order the location of the toilet is in the wrong position. The contractor chose to switch the position of the toilet and the vanity console on his own without informing either the client or the architect. Luckily the concrete slab has not been poured yet and can be fixed relatively easily. Since it's the contractor's mistake, he has to fix it on his own dime.
The middle bottom image shows the steel reinforcing bars sitting on top of the sand layer above the gravel bed prior to pouring the slab. The building inspector has approved the reinforcing layout. The plumbing inspector has to approve the plumbing layout before the concrete can be poured. This is to ensure that plumbing lines do not penetrate structural elements and weaken them.
The bottom right image shows the formwork for the footings. The formwork does not go all the way down because the bottom of the formwork represents the top of the new concrete slab. The photo shows that the contractor has not taken into account the new french door opening which will be located in this proximity. He will have to block out the location of the new door to avoid having to cut through the new footings.
While it is tempting for many clients to try to save money by not utilising construction administration services of their architect during construction, it tends to lead to very expensive mistakes that have to be rebuilt or rectified. It's always a good idea to get it done right the first time.

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Dugan Residence remodel construction photos
Dugan Residence construction photos
Dugan Residence construction photos

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